Ray Bradbury on Writing


4321230525_b4c73692cf_zA couple of things I love about Ray Bradbury says here—1) The ego keeps you going when the early writing is awful, and 2) Writing for “me” is the way to go.

I love these things because I believe they are common experiences for writers. And because I believe you first have to learn to write for “them,” you first have to write to sell, before you can learn to write for “me” and discover that’s the way to go.

It just seems to me that this is the process many writers go through. And I’m not sure we should try to cut it short.

(if you’re reading this in your email inbox and want to see the video clip, click on the title above–this is Ray Bradbury in a 3-minute video.)

photo credit: 'SeraphimC via photopin cc

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  • This was nice. Inspirational and uplifting. I’m often like Marlin from Finding Nemo and need to hear Dory say, “Just keep swimming/writing…” :yes:

  • Very good advice. When you write for yourself you put your heart into it. Not an easy thing to do. Writing is an ongoing journey and I feel blessed everyday to be on it. :wave: