Free Word Count Calculator ~Beef Up Your Daily Average Word Count


Here’s a free word count calculator for you. I made it because it satisfies the geek in me to see how much I write each day. I have one hour a day to write. And I’ve found that I can really fly when that’s all the time I have.

My goal with the word count calculator is to keep the boxes green—though you can see, if you open the file, that I have not done a good job of that this month—and to write each day. When I’m writing each day I build up momentum and the writing is easier.

So I thought I’d share the calculator here for any of you who might like it.


Free Word Count Calculator

Just open this link right here

Then go to “file” and then to “make a copy” and then you can edit it.

The only cells you should edit are the blue cells. And you should take a picture of it on the last day of the month if you want to save it because when the calendar ticks over, the dates are reset to the new month. The date is always current.


I hope you like it. I hope those of you who were motivated by earning gold stars in kindergarten will enjoy keeping the daily counts in the green. I never cared about gold stars myself, but I find that as I age everything is harder. So I have to use all the motivational help I can find. And, you know, we come in needing diapers and we go out needing diapers, so I guess I’m about at the right age to be reverting to kindergarten motivations. :)

The motivational factor

Seriously, though, the motivation is in the daily average. Keep an eye on that daily average. Because here’s what you’ll find. If you have a project that is 50,000 words and you have 50 days to do that project, you know that you have to write 1000 words for your daily average. If you take Sundays off as I do, you’ll need to write more on the other days of the week to keep your daily average up to 1,000.

What I think you’ll find is this: The more days you write, the higher your daily average is and you will see that you can easily write a novel in a couple of months (yes, I made this tool for my 60-Day Novel course I’m working on). And when you don’t write every day, you’re going to see that daily average drop. And I think that’s going to motivate you (and me!) to keep writing every day.


  • Thanks for this. I’m sure we need all the help we can get.

  • Star

    Thanks, Sally. I’m not quite sure how to use it, yet, but I’ll give it try.

    • Let me know if you need help. But really? It’s not that big of a deal. It’s a tool. If it takes more time to learn to use than it’s worth, just forget about it.


  • What a great idea! Sadly, I’ve been editing … for a long time and not writing anything new. No, I did write a piece of nano fiction for a magazine this month and they liked it and bought it! So that was encouraging. But I have haven’t written on a new book ms. since January of 2016, ugh! I need to get this editing done (on my own ms. and my grandfather’s life story) and sit down and write something fun like that puppy book that my boys want me to write or maybe a romantic comedy. Now that sound fun!

  • Oooh, I would love to take your class on writing a novel in 60 days, Sally. That sounds really helpful.

    • I hope it’s going to be useful. And well received. We shall see. If I can ever make myself actually write out sixty days’ worth of inspirational, educational, motivational scripts and then force myself to videotape them all.


      I’m like a lot of writers, not matter what I’m working on. I like planning things out more than actually doing the work. I like to plan out the gorgeous, intricate afghans to crochet and I only every ever get one-foot in length before I quit. I love planning out novels and nonfiction books and Udemy classes and then I never get around to actually writing them.

      This is why I make a better agent than writer. I love that my clients do the actual writing.

      They do all the hard stuff. :thumb: