Writing Tools

Here are some writing tools I’ve found useful in my own writing.


Writing Tools That Motivate

Writing Tools That Invigorate

    • Rhymer—Even if you’re not writing poetry, Rhymer can help you add some zip to to you prose. With options for first syllable rhymes and doublt rhymes, among others, this is a great tool for writers.
    • Rhyme Zone
    • Thesaurus.com—Because sometimes the first word isn’t the best word.
    • Visual Thesaurus

Writing Tools That Regulate

    • Freedom—Facebook sucking too much time? Get free of it.
    • Turn Off the Internet
    • OmmWriter—I love this program that makes me feel like I’m sitting in nature, with all the time in the world to do nothing but write. It makes me forget the email inbox. No small feat, that!
    • Tomato Timer—I have found nothing that makes me more productive than a simple little timer. It has changed my life.


photo credit: Olivander via photopin cc